The PSD Code (Krita import/export gsoc 2011)

Hi Planet! 🙂

Just small update about PSD and Krita.I have started working on it for almost 2 weeks and i have been in contact with my mentor Boudewijn Rempt  and He is helping me a lot with my questions so far i have got all the needed information about PSD and Krita I just wanted to tell planet where i am upto with that.So here are my notes below.Code for reading Header in PSD works fine the problems starts to occur where it goes into reading Image Resource Block in PSD which is bit more complex to handle so i am working on it and trying hard to get that done this week.I am almost there to read that stuff so far i have tried my bits and pieces of code with other code to read file and that has started giving some results, but the code that is there in krita psd completly fails to load layer 😦 Task of doing this is tough i must say but exciting to work on and definitely not impossible 🙂

So stay tuned with my post for next week


4 thoughts on “The PSD Code (Krita import/export gsoc 2011)

  1. This is such an important project to be working on. Thanks for being the one to do it! A great PSD loader will make it so much easier / more appealing for artists considering switching from painting with an illegal cracked copy of Photoshop to becoming part of the free software community with Krita, especially when the windows version is released later this year. Being open source, I’m sure this code will be useful, not only to Krita (where I’m looking forward to it), but also in other imaging projects.

    Just keep learning and figuring out the puzzles, and you’ll not only get useful skills and references to yourself, but help out the whole open software community.

    Thanks and have fun!

    • @Bugsbane Helping Open Software community is something where i want to stand , for my fellow artists 🙂
      thnxs for the motivation, as i am going to handle this in future as well so i am always there 🙂


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